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$10 for each order (5 bars or more)

(The funny thing with Canada Post is that it is the same price to ship 5 bars as it is to ship 10 or 15 bars.... it is due to the weight being more than the small package size)

Invoice inclosed with soap order and due upon receipt

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Bergamot Lavender
Together Bergamot and Lavender sooth the skin and calm the spirit. This soap is swirled with pink French Clay to absorb oil on the skin without drying it out. An excellent substitute for synthetic shaving creams, clay reduces friction. Color – Pink and Cream Swirls

 Tea Tree Lime
A wonderful kitchen soap due to the germicidal and antiseptic properties of Tea Tree and Lime, yet gentle enough for an enlivening shower. Helps resolve Acne. Swirled with Green French Clay and natural Chlorophyll.
Color – Green Swirls

Lavender Lemongrass
Lemongrass is a rejuvenating scent with mild bug repellant properties. Lavender essential oil sooths and Whole Lavender Flowers serve as a mild exfoliante.
Color – Yellow and Purple with Lavender specks

Orange Patchouli
Ground Orange Peel and Turmeric create the delightful color of this Sweet Orange and Patchouli scented soap. Especially good for deodorizing and soothing irritated skin.
Color – Soft Orange

Lavender Oatmeal
Oatmeal sooths irritated, dry skin while Wheat Germ Oil nourishes. Lavender essential oil is added to this combination to calm the spirit and ease the mind. Helps heal and resolve eczema, psoriasis, and chronic dry skin. Color – Cream and Oat Flour

Sweet Anise
Whole Anise Seeds and sweet scented Anise and Star Anise essential oils make for an excellent scent neutralizer. Also said to attract fish to bait, and is know to be a mild aphrodisiac. Color – White with Anise Seeds

Clary Shea
Clary Sage essential oil is a low, calming, and reassuring scent as is mellow Rosewood. Ylang Ylang oil is distilled from fragrant blossoms is a sweet and mild aphrodisiac. Colored with Red Clay and ground Rose Petals, this soap adds a nice finish to your end-of-the-day bath. Wonderful for relieving cramps and hormone stress.
Color – Dark Red and Rose Petal Bits

Bay Clove
The rich low tones of Bay Leaf and Clove Bud essential oil are matched with the soothing properties of Cocoa Butter. Yellow French Clay gives color, is full of minerals and aids in smoothing the skin. An excellent choice for shaving. – Yellow Swirls

Rosemary Lemon Mint
Rosemary essential oil added to this soap tones and purifies the skin. Lemongrass oil is a bright scent that has antimicrobial properties, combined with a touch of Peppermint oil as an astringent to close pores. Ground Rosemary added for a good scrub. Color – Light green with Rosemary bits

Blackfly Soap
Those horrid little critters won’t like the smell of this soap scented with Citronella, Eucalyptus, Camphor, Lemongrass and Cedar Essential oils. Colored with a touch of Annatto Seed, this soap also helps repel Mosquitoes, Deer Flies, fleas and ticks. Can be used on Pets. Color – Bright Yellow

Working  Hands
This soap is for the hard working hands in your life. With Luffa specks, Australian Blue clay and Almond Oil, this soap cuts dirt and grease and nourishes at the same time. Scented with sweet Lemongrass, Fennel and Benzoin to enliven and heal. Color – Butter with Luffa Scrub

Woodsman  Soap
Made with the lightest hints of Cedar Tree, Camphor, and Spruce Essential oils, this soap blends in with the forest around you. Anise covers and deodorizes, while remaining tantalizingly sweet. Colored with Yellow and Green Clay to absorb oil on the skin, helping to eliminate odor. Color – Green and Yellow Clay Swirls

Cassia Mandarin
Warming and soothing for aching muscles, Cassia (cinnamon leaf) helps to loosen knots. Wintergreen essential oil opens tight muscles and dulls pain. Mandarin and Sweet Orange balance the mind and ease tension. Swirled with warming ground Cinnamon Bark. Color – Rich Brown Swirls

Comfrey Spearmint
The “wake me up” property of spearmint essential oil is excellent for a morning shower. Comfrey Root powder is added to this soap for mild healing. Color – Solid Deep Gray

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