Artists Experience

Jenny K Baklinski was born in a small town in rural Montana, USA. Since babyhood, Jenny’s mother, Christina Hayden, would load baby Jenny into a red wagon, along with baskets of her traditional homemade soap. This smallest of business ventures took off by the time Jenny was 8, and at this point she too joined in the making of soap in the families farmhouse kitchen. By the age of 12, she was making soap on her own for the family business, and they began doing art shows together as a family. Many years later, after finishing a degree in Philosophy at Ave Maria College in Michigan, Jenny met and married her Canadian man, and moved to the small town of Rockingham ON. Here Jenny and her little family (five kids have been added to the ranks), are once again reviving the family tradition of soapmaking. Her soapmaking experience spans over 20 years to date.

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