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Two Trees Soap 

is no longer...

**Thanks for all the years and support, but after struggling to keep up my business following a car accident of 2 years ago,  I have to put this area on my life on more than pause. I need to be honest with the fact that I can no longer making enough soap to fill orders or to keep up on the demand. We had tried to work together on it, my husband Tim and I, but the demands of making ends meet with my business decline means he has to work more outside the home. I still have a long road of healing ahead of me. I have severe pelvic instability, which makes lifting and bending very painful. My focus will be healing for the next few years.
Maybe some day a new form will emerge out of these ashes, but I have to let go completely at this time.
I shall miss seeing you at the shows, your stories and you support
Thanks for understanding.
Jenny Baklinski
Traditional Soapmaker

(p.s.If you are truly desperate for soap, my sister Anna uses the same family recipe passed down from my mom, and she can be found in Portland OR  @ )

Two Trees Soap challenges the idea that art and beauty are something that is hung on the walls, something to be experience only by those with an eye for art, the special occasion items that rarely are found in day-to-day life. Two Trees Soap brings beauty and art into daily life. Each of the senses are met with something delightful, and uplifting. The sight is met with form and color, natural found elements and botanicals creating my artists palette. The sense of smell is satiated with the combinations of essential oils formulated to move the spirit. The body is nourished and renewed with the natural moisturizing of traditional soap. Two Trees Soap Co brings one of the most necessary elements of civilizations and human living to you in a form that brings joy and delight.
Soap…Beautiful, Natural and Entirely Useful

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  1. Soap as Art. My bathroom smells of this art as this is the only soap we use :) Thank you for carrying on the tradition.